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January 6, 2023

Seedling (@Seedling@universeodon.com) - Universeodon

I'm a mother of three daughters. Married a long time. I live in Indianapolis. I'm a permaculturist, mystic, and cat wrangler, among other things.

Nivatrope (@nivatrope@mastodon.lol) - Mastodon.lol

Adventure in the Pacific Northwest. I repost things that interest me or amuse me. Occasional adventure photos, and mentions of places I want to check out.

Oscar Cubo Medina (@ocubom@masto.es) - Mastodon en masto.es

Ciencia, informática, música, libros y nuevas tecnologías en orden caótico–inexistente.

ElisaSoCal 🌻 (@ElisaSoCal@mastodon.social) - Mastodon

Lifelong Democrat & activist. #VotingRights. #AbortionRights. #BlackLivesMatter #SlavaUkraini Stop the big lie and all those who promote & stand by silently.

Rick O'Toole (@rotoole@mastodon.social) - Mastodon

History, science, philosophy. HigherEd IT support. Running. Connecticut.

Alexandre de Verteuil (@systempk@mastodon.online) - Mastodon

Solutions Architect at Grafana Labs. I love open-source software, organizing information, psychology and art. I do parkour and pole dancing. He/him. This is my personal Mastodon account.

George (@gecole@universeodon.com) - Universeodon

Retired from HealthcareIT

hiking, gardening, cycling, nature studies, birding but notabirder